Roller Shades

Roller Shades Boston MA

Roller shades have never been better!

One of King Shade & Window’s main products, when the business opened in 1948, was traditional roller shades. These simple shades were the foundation cover of most windows in those days, layered with sheer curtains and heavier draperies.

Energy-efficient windows did not exist for many years after we opened for business, so savvy New Englanders made do with the materials at hand to control heat, cold and sunlight.

While King Shade is one of few businesses that still sell traditional stock cut-to-order roller shades, we have always specialized in
antique reproduction and contemporary custom shades.

Custom Roller Shades

Roller Shades Features

Today’s fabrics have transformed roller shades from utilitarian to distinctive. Modern and clean, roller shades resist collecting dirt and dust, are available in fabrics ranging from sleek and simple to vividly patterned or luxuriously textured , and can be made with basic spring rollers or chain-operated clutch systems.

These endlessly customizable shades are suitable in any setting, as the first layer in a combination of window coverings or the focal point of a room.

  • The most affordable, easily operated window covering
  • Easy to clean, resistant to dust and soil
  • Wide range of custom options
  • One of the best solutions for large windows
  • Available in an enormous range of beautiful fabrics, from sheer to blackout
  • On spring rollers, the original child-safe and pet-friendly lift system

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